1962 Mets Flannel Jersey


This Mets flannel jersey is an original from 1962. 1962 was the Mets 1st year in the league. This item was purchased by The History Chaser as part of a large group of vintage baseball memorabilia. 

It comes from a gentleman who came into the store, who also was a former major league baseball player. During his early years, he grew up in Williamsport PA, where the New York Mets and Philadelphia Philles had minor league clubs. This gentleman worked in the club house during his early years and was able to obtain vintage flannel jersey's from some of the early years of baseball history. This particular jersey came to Williamsport after the 1962 season. The 53-1962 indicates the number of the player/manager and year of the jersey. 

This particular number was assigned to Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby, who was a Mets coach for one season. 4 months after the season Rogers died of a heart attack. The last game the Mets played that year was against the Chicago Cubs at Chicago. So this is a Mets road jersey and may be the last jersey ever worn by Rogers Hornsby.

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