Meet Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker – collector, buyer and seller of rare items – unearthed his first hidden “treasure” at the tender age of eight near his home in Rivervale, New Jersey. The son of a mother with a keen eye for precious antiques, he had a hunch to dig up a well he passed one day in the woods. Inside the well, he discovered many artifacts, including a collection of antique silver medicine bottles. Ever since, he’s been obsessed with discovering unique relics and captivated by their histories. With a personal collection brimming with over 30,000 items, including original documents signed by Abraham Lincoln, the plans for the original Yankee Stadium and the design for Howard Hughes’s Hercules aircraft, Mitch is the guy when it comes to “treasure hunting.” 

Uncovering one-of-a-kind treasures is Mitch’s passion, and his excitement is contagious. His knowledge of memorabilia and collectibles is vast and his knack for sharing his treasure hunting passion is undeniable. The thrill of this hunt is contagious. 

Mitch Baker is the owner of Team Baker, a company that collects, buys and sells one-of-a-kind items.  The business’s dealings encompass art, sports, politics, religion, Americana, entertainment and most anything else that a person might look at and say, "What the heck is that and where did it come from?" Team Baker also works with many charity organizations, helping them to raise money for their annual galas with merchandise from their collection.

What separates Mitch from other collectors, in addition to his deep passion for his work, is his honesty, his patience and his ability to be thorough. While others may rush a sale or decline to spend time researching an item to see if it holds any real value, Mitch has never had the need to support his family through his collecting – he does that through his myriad of other businesses. This, in turn, affords him the luxury to be diligent in every case and is the reason why he’s been able to craft for himself an impeccable reputation in the business and throughout the country. Mitch methodically researches, appraises, holds and sells the items others simply can't find or don't have the patience to look for.


Meet Russ Litchult

In 1980 Russell Litchult started out a career in law enforcement, as a dispatcher, for the town he grew up in. In 1982 he was sworn in as a patrol officer. It was during this early time in my career that he worked with a Sergeant who was a picker and antique collector. Russ was turned on to picking when a member of the department jokingly picked a bear off the curb that was destined for garbage collection. As it turned out it was a WW2 era Steiff Bear missing an ear. The Sergeant saw this bear that members were riding in the parking lot, asked where it came from, and then drove to the house where it was found. We found the ear in the trash, and he found some brand new fishing reels still in the box. That alone made Russ's day. The Sergeant eventually conned the other member out of the bear, which he valued at that time at $1,500.00. From that point on Russ became a picker. 

Russ was eventually promoted to Sergeant and was also a K-9 officer. He handled 3 police dogs through his career and was also a 9/11 first responder, to the World Trade Center, on 9/11. He is a highly decorated officer and retired in 2008.

Russ also have been involved in Animal Rescue, through a Rescue in the Catskill area of NY and was on the Board Of Directors for the Hudson County SPCA from 2008 – 2011. He also served as Captain of their SPCA unit and retired as a Deputy Chief, when the unit was disbanded. 

He met Mitch while their sons were playing football at an early age. After finding out we were both pickers – they hit it off. He continued to do my picking, using Mitch at times for guidance and information. In 2014 Mitch asked Russ to join him at Team Baker, while they were both picking an estate in Ridgewood.  This allowed him to pursue his passions in saving history, as far too many times as a police officer Russ saw history sitting at the curb going in the trash.

He has been married for 18 years and has 3 boys, who also pick with him and from time to time help out in the store or on picks. His wife’s name is AnneMarie and his sons are Andrew (age 16 ½), Matthew (14), and Ryan (10).

Meet Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus brings years of physical asset management experience to Team-Baker, along with faithful clients that hold Richard to high standards for rare investment grade vehicles.  His clients carry valuable notoriety, including Ultra High Networth Individuals located throughout the world, while managing the appraisal and sale of his existing client assets. Some of Richard’s hobbies include traveling extensively to locations such as China, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany and various places in the United States. Richard currently resides in Manhattan with his wife.


Meet Steven Marcus

Steven Marcus runs his department at Maserati, thanks to his extensive photography skills, while his knack for organization and diligence allowed him to be appointed manager of inventory. With that, he brings to Team-Baker a commitment to proper presentation and appeal. Steven has contributed to Maserati through various parts of the United States, and currently lives in New York. He has also traveled for business and leisure to several continents, like France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Israel.